See Why Tint Solutions Is The Leader In Commercial Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installation

Remove graffiti by simply peeling the film off. Your surfaces are always protected against the costly and time-consuming window replacement needed after your property is vandalized.

When graffiti and other forms of vandalism reach your property, the last thing you want is for your business’ image to suffer. Fortunately, there is an easy solution after spray-painting and keying vandals target your property.

You can now be worry-free about difficult and costly clean-ups. No more wondering if one day you’ll find your property defaced with awful graffiti. With an easy-to-install layer of protection, you can remove graffiti in minutes, and you’ll never wonder if permanent damage will be left behind.

The anti-graffiti film for glass and other surfaces provides a quick and effective barrier.

Finally, there is a solution to graffiti!

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How Does Anti-Graffiti Film Work?


Our anti-graffiti film is specifically designed for smooth exterior surfaces, including stainless steel, mirrors, glass, and other materials.

The adhesive on the film ensures maximum durability without the hassle of a difficult removal.

Our film experts can simply peel the film off when necessary and replace it with a new one. You’ll never have to wait for your business to undergo the costly renovations of glass replacement every time a vandal uses your business as their canvas.

Keep your professional image and brand intact and attract more traffic and higher-quality customers.

See how our anti-graffiti film installation provides an easy and cost-effective solution against vandals!


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Anti-Graffiti Film Installation

Our installation crews are mindful, quiet, and respectful. We create minimal disruption during our visits to commercial sites such as banks, schools, office buildings, correctional facilities, shopping malls, and more.

We are conscious at every step of the installation process of tracking our tools and materials to make sure clean-up is complete. You’ll find it easy to follow your regular hours of operations and continue normal business activities because we work around your schedule.

How is the film installed?

First, our installation crew will clean surfaces with soap and water and dry the extra moisture with soft towels. After the film is measured and cut, the dried surface is ready to stick to the film’s adhesive side.

With a squeegee and hard card, the installers squeegee any excess water and flatten the film. It can take a couple of months for the film to completely dry and water bubbles to disappear. Still, you’ll notice the ease of use and maximum protection immediately after installation.

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Enjoy The Peace Of Mind Graffiti Window Film Provides


Prevent Damage From Graffiti

With an anti-graffiti film, you’ll be able to protect the smooth exterior surfaces against street taggers. The film provides a transparent shield that allows clean-ups to be easy and quick. You’ll never have to struggle to erase graffiti again!

Preserve Your Company's Image

The film is optically undetectable, so only you will know it is there. It can be a secret weapon to effectively preserve your commercial building and maintain your business’ professionalism.

Provide Scratch Protection

The film is made of a thick crystal-clear coating. Its thickness allows the film to absorb scratches and abrasions. The glass or stainless steel surface below will remain intact.

Block UV Rays

UV rays can damage surfaces that are exposed for prolonged periods. By using the film to block these harmful rays, you’ll extend the life of your exterior surfaces. Films offer 95-99% protection against UV rays.

Easily Remove Paint

When your paint is ready for a fresh look, just peel off the film for the easiest paint-removal job ever!

Protect Your Commercial Building

Always maintain a graffiti-free zone at your storefront, signs, elevators, mirrors, doors, and other areas. You’ll never have to worry about vandals who like to engage in graffiti, etching, and scratching.
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Military Discount

We provide a wide range of discounts and promotional items from time to time for our veterans. We appreciate their service to our country and hence have created product offers just for them.
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Where Can The Film Be Applied?

Our company provides anti-graffiti films for commercial buildings’ exterior surfaces. We can install the film on glass, mirrors, or stainless steel. We recommend protecting all exterior surfaces along with high-traffic areas throughout the building.

Will I See Bubbles Develop On The Film?

During the initial installation, you may notice that the film has water bubbles. You don’t need to worry about this, as it is part of the normal drying process. Residual moisture becomes trapped under the film but eventually evaporates after the drying period is complete.

In some cases, it may take up to 30 days for the moisture to evaporate completely. The film must not be touched or pressed as it will lengthen the drying process and possibly damage the material. Our film experts will provide full instructions and answer any questions.

Is The Installation Noisy?

Installing the film is not particularly loud. However, the removal process when it is ready to be replaced may make a bit of noise. Our experienced and highly-trained installers know the best way to remove and replace films with minimal disruption.

Tint Solutions keeps the best interest of your business in mind. We will arrange our visit during the most convenient time for you to complete the work as stealthily as possible.

Please let us know your concerns, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. No job is too challenging for us!

Is There A Big Clean-Up Required After Installation?

Not at all! Our team of installers protects your floors, walls, and furnishings with drop cloths to ensure that the water solution and soap we use during installation doesn’t get on anything.

We’ll remove all the trash and arrange the space exactly as we found it when we’re finished. Our goal is to provide the most effortless installation for our clients and make our visit the most pleasant experience.

Can I Install Two Layers Of Anti-Graffiti Film For Extra Protection?

You can undoubtedly install two layers of the anti-graffiti film on top of each other, but we highly recommend you don’t do it as it is not effective and voids our warranty. Double-layering the film doesn’t necessarily make it more effective, and it doesn’t perform as well nor has a good appearance. We recomend just going with a thicker anti-graffiti films.

When you schedule a consultation with one of our anti-graffiti window film specialists, we will address your concerns and provide solutions that you can choose from an array of options.

We have seen all types of scenarios and know how to work around special requests. Each one of our clients is treated as an individual. Our customizable approach allows us to tackle various types of commercial projects.

Find out how our anti-graffiti film can transform your business. Call us to schedule your commercial anti-graffiti film consultation today!

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