High-Quality Commercial Decorative Frost Films In Southern California

Tint Solutions is a family-owned window film installation company. If you need decorative films for windows in a restaurant, a gym, or a store, we can install them for you. We have an excellent reputation in Southern California built by being smart, safe, and efficient. Our team of expert installers can make your commercial property more appealing than ever if you work with us.

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Your Decorative Film Options

If you’d like to install a decorative film for glass, we can assist you. Our team can install any of the following:

Matte frost decorative films:

This window film is a staple in our industry. It can change the way light transmits into space.

Color frost decorative films:

Color frost window films have a neutral tone. They can provide privacy and ambiance.

Textured frost decorative films:

A textured film is a matte frost film with better features. It’s crafted like a high-end specialty window film.

Nature decorative films:

These films resemble sandy landscapes, lush forests, rolling rivers, calm lakes, and famous landmarks.

Pattern decorative films:

Pattern films have lines and shapes that repeat. If you like geometric designs, these films are worth considering.

Textile decorative films:

A textile variety is soft and sleek. It’s a very affordable film for a window.

Specialty decorative films:

Specialty films have attractive elements that add flair to a window. Most options are pretty colorful, and they can block a view through a panel.

Gradient decorative films:

Gradient decorative window films are elegant. They have sophisticated patterns and effortlessly transitions.

We are also a Decorative Window Film Dealer and have access to all films from their website:


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The Benefits Of Installing A Custom Frosted Window Film

Decorative Window Films Provide UV Protection

Our opaque frost window films can filter 99% of UV light. If you cover your windows with our coatings, they will protect your furnishings, equipment and staff from the effects of ultraviolet rays.

Frosted Glass Film Is Style

A window film is like an expensive etched window. However, a decorative film is much more affordable.

If you buy decorative films instead of etched windows, you’ll get the same level of quality and elegance at a lower price. Also, because etched windows and decorative films are so similar, no one will know the difference.

Low Maintenance

A decorative window film is very easy to remove. You can peel it off of a window when you no longer need it.


Frosted films can create privacy barriers inside of a buildings and between offices. See-through frosted glass windows are great for cubicles, and fully opaque films work well in executive offices.

Fully opaque frosted window films serve two purposes. They will provide privacy and filter light.

Call (760) 814 9174 and ask about our military discount

Our Service Advantages

There are many reasons why you should consider using our services. We’re the number one window film company because we provide:



Every day, we strive to protect what matters the most. We protect government buildings, large commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools.


Our business is built on trust. If you read our reviews, you’ll understand why we’re a trusted and respected company.


We have many happy customers and a 95% referral rate.


Peace of mind:

When we complete installation jobs, we stand by our work. There are no risks because we have one of the best lifetime warranties in the window film industry.


We’ll give you a great deal if you’re a retired or active military officer.
Call (760) 814 9174 and ask about our military discount

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are decorative films installed on glass panels?

A decorative window film is installed on an interior surface.

Is the installation process noisy?

The general installation process is quick and quiet. However, if a glass panel already has a film, we will take other steps to remove the film. You may hear noise during the removal process.

What's the best film for a commercial bathroom window?

A fully opaque frosted window film is the best option for a commercial bathroom window. You should also consider placing a decorative film in a location where many people can admire it.

Are decorative window films suitable for doors?

Decorative window films are available for doors. You can add one on a

  • Patio door
  • Front door
  • Office door

Are decorative films great for textured glass?

A decorative window film isn’t designed for a textured glass panel. It may not stick to a textured surface properly.

What's the best way to clean a decorative film?

You can clean a decorative window film with any non-abrasion cleaning solution. We recommend a microfiber cloth or an ammonia-free cleaner.

Will a decorative film have air pockets?

After a new window film is installed, some bubbles will form underneath it. Once all of the residual moisture is gone, the bubbles will disappear.

What types of window films are colorful, and which films are colorless?

Decorative window films are available in multiple colors that are vividly bright. Frosted films have warm tones and cool tones and are colorless. Colorful and colorless window films can increase privacy in a building and block UV light to a certain degree.

How long will a window film last?

A typical window film will stay in good condition for about 20 to 25 years. If you take care of a film, it will remain in good shape longer.

Certain conditions can decrease a window film’s life span. To get the most out of it, you must consider the following things before you invest.

  • The climate
  • The quality of your glass panel
  • The quality of the window film

Will a window film's UV protection fade?

The UV coating on a film isn’t permanent. It will stay strong for about ten years.

Is it possible to install a window film without a professional installer?

To install a window film, you’ll need proper training. If you want the job done right the first time, you should let a professional tackle the installation.

Will a decorative window film tear?

Decorative film is typically thicker then regular tint and is very difficult to tear after the film has been applied to the glass. If you accidentally hit it hard enough with a hard object the film will most likley get a tear in it but we typically provide a discount top our returning customers.

Will a frosted film block a view both ways?

A frosted film is translucent so that it will provide a good amount of backlit light visibility but is not transparent. If you run a business during the day, opt for a mirrored privacy film as it won’t fully restrict your view. No one will be able to see through the opposite side of this film.

If you’d like to upgrade your glass windows, call us at (760) 814-9174. We service many locations in Southern California.

Call (760) 814 9174 and ask about our military discount
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