Protect Your Property With our Commercial Security Film

Commercial security window films are designed to safeguard your commercial property from external elements and preserve the quality and value of your belongings. Tint Solutions is the number one provider of security film for glass in Southern California and has served a wide variety of commercial settings, including hotels, hospitals, government offices, airports, museums, medical centers, restaurants, stores, schools, and universities. Whether you want to enhance the functionality of your work surface or protect your building from theft, vandalism, intrusion, natural disasters, and climate conditions, we have the right solution meant for you.

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Commercial Window Security Film Installation

Selecting the right security film solution is simple with our company. Thanks to new tools and applications in making these options possible, various colors, quality, and materials are available. The trend for commercial safety and security solution is to use the suitable one for your needs and budget. For example, you might use a light shade for the interior of the building and a darker shade for windows that are exterior and come under direct sunlight. The entire process of security film installation is made easy with our state-of-art techniques and skilled technicians. Depending on the extent of the job, the process may take anywhere from one day to a few weeks. Call us today to speak with one of our experts!

Call (760) 814 9174 and ask about our military discount

Benefits Of Commercial Security Window Film

Some of our security films for commercial windows are barely visible but help reduce glare, prevent accidents and malicious attacks. They are designed to be placed on doors and windows securely. They can also underpin your decorating theme or preserve your exterior view. At Tint Solutions, we make sure our films are engineered to withstand the test of time through heavy-duty polyester bonded using industrial-strength adhesives.

Help Deter Theft

A safety and security window film should be a natural choice for your commercial buildings to deter theft. It will not only provide an unobstructed view of the exterior but sends out a message that you value the safety and security of your employees and clients. These security features protect against theft, accidents, and natural calamities around the clock. They are subtle but powerful, convenient, and comfortable.

Improve Shatter Resistance

Security-fortified window glasses subjected to high impact can shatter the glasses, but the fragments will adhere to the film firmly. Holding the pieces in place can prevent injuries to the occupants of the building while deterring burglars from entering the area. It will give enough time for the security personnel to take action when thefts are in progress.

Protect Against Accidents

Safety glass film for windows can drastically reduce the risk of accidents from impact. Severe weather conditions can also result in glass shattering, and these films can come in handy during harsh weather. The state-of-the-art technology used in designing these films can give much more control over window safety and better performance in natural disaster-prone areas.

Reflect Heat

Window safety and security films help reflect heat and sun glare while increasing comfort and decreasing the adverse effect of too much sunlight. They are perfect for improving energy efficiency and keeping the room at optimal temperature, thus saving you a lot of money in energy bills. They can eliminate damage and fading of your furniture and other belongings inside the commercial setting as well. For owners of multi-family residential buildings, these window films can be a boon, as they can help make your tenants feel comfortable and safe at the same time.

Make A Fashion Statement

Anywhere you do business deserves a good amount of lighting, and window security tinting solutions are the right way to achieve this. In addition, protecting your place from sunlight only makes good sense for the interior. The placement of films may vary depending on various factors such as the position of the window, requirements, etc. And above all, let your decor needs dictate where to place these films as well.

Block UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays are invisible, but you can feel them in the form of skin damage, wrinkles, and other skin conditions in people prone to such rays. The security window films help block UV rays and offer up to 99 percent protection from the harmful effects of these rays.
Call (760) 814 9174 and ask about our military discount

Military Discounts

We offer a wide range of discounts and promotions for our veterans. We value their service for our country and hence have dedicated separate discount programs for them on our official website. For more information on these discounts, simply contact our customer support representative, and they will be eager to help.
Call (760) 814 9174 and ask about our military discount

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a safety and security film help save money on energy costs?

Absolutely. Window security films are designed with options for tinting, which help block unwanted heat during the summertime. It in turn, can reduce the need for cooling the interior of your building and therefore reduce your energy bills to a significant level. The films can also prolong the life of your HVAC equipment.

How do I clean the windows when there is a film installed?

Cleaning your windows in the presence of security window films is easy. Simply use a wet cloth or a non-abrasive solution to wipe off the dirt and dust collected on the glass. Any item that can scratch the film, such as paper towels or wipes containing wood fibers, shouldn’t be used. We do not recomend products with amonia.

Will security window films make the exterior look dark and cloudy?

Not necessarily. There is a wide range of security films available at our stores. While most are transparent films, others come in various shades and densities. You can choose the ones depending on your preference and needs.

Can’t I just buy security films at a local retail store?

Yes, you can. However, we don’t recommend buying any window film as most films don’t perform their intended tasks. To purchase proper architectural films requies a specific contractors lisc. Installing the wrong type of film on dual pane glass can lead to glass breakage. Some DIY films are difficult to install without professional help, and others are expensive and not worth the price. Our window films are made to last and provide the best quality you have been looking for for your commercial windows. Working with skilled experts from our company also lets you understand more about these films, their features, and their longevity.

How long do window films for safety and security last?

Advances in technology have allowed us to manufacture security films that last a lifetime indoors and around 10-15 years if applied to the exterior. With that being said, there are many film varieties to choose from based solely on how long they would stay on your windows. Most films come with 10-15 year warranties for commercial applications and others offer protection beyond the expiration date.

If I have blinds and grills, do I still need safety and security film for my windows?

It depends. If you want a functional window but do not want the interior of your building to look like a cave, security films are a great idea. If you need protection from UV rays while allowing the right amount of sunlight to seep in through the windows, these films can come in handy.

Call (760) 814 9174 and ask about our military discount
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