Protect Your Artificial Grass With Window Film For Turf

Protect Your Artificial Grass With Window Film For Turf

If you have spent days and months trying to figure out how to protect your turf and artificial grass from fading and burning, we have the right solution for you. Window tint to preserve turf and grass from Tint Solutions, a San Diego turf guard window film company, is designed to make your artificial lawn, patio furniture, and outdoor items remain beautiful and fresh just the way you first bought them. For many homeowners, artificial grass and lawn turf are the keys to have a low-maintenance yard without compromising its aesthetic appeal and convenience.

Unfortunately, with time and hot seasons, turf materials start melting due to increased heat and reflection. Additionally, turf materials are prone to damage due to reflection from windows. Now is the time – early in the process – to adopt ways to protect your outdoor space with window film for turf.

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How Window Film For Turf Protects Your Landscaping Investment

Anti-reflective window film for turf or turf guard window film is installed to prevent harmful damage to your turf, artificial grass, vinyl siding, and patio furniture. The grass is made of polyethylene material with a melting point of 175 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When the reflective windows come into contact with sunlight, light is reflected, magnified, and accumulated within the grass material. This results in an increased heat absorption causing the material to shrink and melt as the melting point is reached.

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F.A.Q’s About Our San Diego Turf Films

Is the turf window film transparent?

The amount of transparency of the film depends on your choice. We offer films in various colors, designs, and tints.

Will the tint prevent fading inside the house?

Absolutely yes! Our films are designed to filter out harmful lights like UV rays.

Will it work on any window film for turf?

Yes. We have installed thousands of window films for windows of various shapes and sizes.

What causes artificial grass and turf to melt?

Various factors contribute to the melting and eventual destruction of artificial grass, including:

Exposure to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight exposure is one of the major causes of artificial grass melting. The intense heat from the sun, coupled with the fact that polyethylene material is more susceptible to heat, results in the grass’s gradual softening. This effect is visible in faded turf, prickly turf, or turf hot to touch and walk on. The turf materials do not have the mechanism to release heat energy either.

Sunlight that is reflected from shiny objects

Artificial grass materials directly under the reflection from windows, doors, and mirrors are prone to melting. Light and heat, when reflected, are magnified. When they come in contact with the grass, the result is immediate damage to the grass material.

See Why San Diego Homeowners Rely On Tint Solution’s Turf Films

It has taken us some explanation to get here, but now is the time to pull the solution into action and start looking at making your artificial grass and turf ‘burn-proof’. We provide the right turf guard window film and window tint to protect turf; our window film can stop your turf from melting by utilizing heat blocking properties. It can block the reflected rays and heat right away. Additionally, you don’t have to compromise the look of your windows or doors.

Low e-glass

Low e-glass on windows eliminates the need for special protective films for ordinary windows. This helps reflect the heat from sun rays while allowing the light to enter the room. People particularly concerned with high utility bills utilize these windows to keep their room at cool or optimal temperature. Unfortunately, low e-glasses are one of the reasons for the cause of artificial grass melts since they are reflective to some extent. In essence, while low e-glass may work for certain areas of your house, it won’t work everywhere, especially when there is turf beneath the window.

How Turf Film/Turf Window Film Can Prevent Melting?

Turf window films from Tint Solutions, the San Diego Custom window films company, are highly beneficial to your artificial turf and grass in that they prevent the widely experienced problem of grass melting. They can not only protect the house but increase its holistic efficiency as well. They have been proven to be seven times more effective in conserving energy than curtains, tint, and blinds.

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