Protect Your Homes With Residential Safety And Security Window Films

The logical place to start safeguarding your home is by assessing your windows. You may think that this task is just a matter of deciding which type of window suits your house and which ones don’t. And that’s certainly one part of the entire selection or renovation process. But you must step back a little further and consider the big picture. Are your windows strong enough to withstand high wind, rain, and other natural disasters? Are they safe from intrusion, and at the same time, functional to suit your lifestyle? At Tint Solutions, we can help you protect your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Residential Window Security Film Installation

Residential window films are a reliable defense mechanism installed on the windows of your residential property. These films are transparent, come in a wide range of choices, and can stand up to any type of rough treatment. They help protect you, your loved ones, and your belongings from burglaries, vandalism, accidents, and other unforeseeable dangers.

Residential window films are installed by our experts when you place an order for one. They are engineered with heavy-duty materials bonded to the surface of the windows using industrial-strength adhesives. Once in place, they act as a shield from exterior elements that are disturbing your peace. Today, more people opt to install window films on their existing windows due to their safety and security features that make them hard to break or penetrate. These films, once installed, help hold any shattered pieces of glass in place.

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Benefits Of Residential Safety And Security Window Film

Our window films for safety and security are sure to conjure up ideas for your home interior and exterior. We know they have for many of our customers. And most of them have considered upgrades for their windows with these films. It is due to the sole benefits and ease of use that these films offer, such as:

Help Deter Theft

Security films for window glasses resist shattering and smashing that burglars will be discouraged to go ahead with the intrusion.

Shatter Resistance

Fragments from a shattered window are sure to stay in place because of the film instead of scattering around.

Lower Accidental Damage

Window films are designed to increase the strength and durability of your windows, and hence a high-impact contact from external objects is unlikely to break them.

Protection Against Windborne Debris

Dangerous winds carrying debris are unlikely to cause injuries due to the invisible yet strong layer holding the glass and shattered fragments in place.

Reflect Heat

The heat blocking feature of the film material helps reflect heat, thus letting you use areas in your house that you once avoided due to direct sunlight.

Block UV Rays

Shades of safety and security window films offer significant protection from ultra-violet and other harmful rays from the sun. The films can block up to 99% of UV rays.
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Safety Glass Film For Windows To Deter Break-Ins

Our window films with security and safety features are designed and manufactured with strict standards. While locks and security systems are a few ways to protect your home, window security films are an added advantage in many ways. Whether you are planning a full-scale remodel of your window or giving it a facelift, turning your ordinary windows into a secured, and functional one without breaking the bank is the best decision you can make. It will deter burglars from your home’s most susceptible point of entry.
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Home Window Safety And Security To Prevent Accidents And Natural Disasters

If your location is prone to natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes, your home windows could be an excellent candidate for an upgrade with security window films. These films during high-impact help keep the shards of glass in place and attribute to the safety and security of you and your household members. They also make windows less vulnerable to damages from seismic activities.
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With Vs. Without Security Film For Glass

Without security films, broken windows result in the glass shattering around and falling, making it easy for intruders to get into your home. Today’s security window films are not just functional but can create a look and style that can withstand the test of time.

As you shop for your new security window films, be sure to consider the various options available at our store. You can make the selection without ever leaving your chair; calling or contacting us through this website is the best way to reach us. Whether you are self-confident in the window film selection or a bit uncertain, we will help you along the way.

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Military Discounts

We provide a wide range of discounts and promotional items from time to time for our veterans. We appreciate their service to our country and hence have created product offers just for them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are window films installed?

Our professional team at Tint Solutions will install window films for your home windows. The process will be explained to you in detail before the home security film installation. As soon as you place an order, our experts will install the film after shaping it to fit your window. These are installed on the interior surface of the glass using industrial-strength adhesives. Once they cure and dry out, you are ready to go.

Are windows films guaranteed?

At Tint Solutions, we stand behind our products and labor with factory-backed and in-house warranties. We use only high-performance films for your windows that are manufactured through innovative and technology-based tools and methods, so you are receiving what is promised.

Do your security window films need special caring or cleaning?

No. Our window films are made to withstand heavy use and extend the lifespan of your windows. The materials are also scratch-resistance and can be cleaned with a wet paper towel, window cleaners, or a soft cleaning cloth. Avoid gouging the windows with sharp or metallic scrubbers, though.

Are clear window films better than darker films?

Both clear and darker window films come with similar benefits since they protect from heat, UV rays, and exterior dangers. Some darker films are dyed only to provide privacy. Your choice depends on how you want your windows in terms of appearance.

Will my security film bubble or change color?

No. Since we provide high-quality films with industrial-strength adhesives and dye components, they are less likely to bubble or change color. Only low-grade window films degrade or discolor over time.

Do security window films come in different shades?

Yes. We offer films of various shades aside from the regular clear window films.
You can choose a shade that will coordinate with the wall or flooring or harmonize with accessories in your room. While transparent window films let you have the outside view, darker shades add privacy to the package. These films can make a huge difference, allowing you to create a style for your property from inside and outside.
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