The Top Rated San Marcos, CA Residential Window Tinting

#1 Rated Residential Window Tinting in San Marcos, CA

Below are just a few reasons to choose Tint Solution to tint your San Marcos home with residential home window tinting.

Residential window tinting solutions for any issue such as:


Interior Fading


Excessive Heat


Security & Safety







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Choosing Tint Solutions For Residential Home Window Tinting San Marcos, CA

Below are just a few of the benefits of choosing to install window tint film in your home. It isn’t all about privacy; it can be financially beneficial as well.

Fast Heat Reduction In San Marcos CA Tint Solutions Inc

Fast Heat Reduction

Our tints can block 99% of harmful light. This means that your home cooling cost will be reduced. Window tint stops the heat before it even enters your home. Residential home window tinting in San Marcos, CA, can prevent the intense California heat from invading your home.

Protect Your Interior In San Marcos CA Tint Solutions Inc

Protect Your Interior

Light not only makes your home warmer, but it can also damage your interior. It can fade furniture, hardwood floors, and artwork. Our light blocking tint prevents all of these problems. Stop searching for home window tinting near me and contact us today.

Lifetime Warranties On Home Window Tinting Products In San Marcos CA Tint Solutions Inc

Lifetime Warranties

We are so confident in our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on our products. Specifically, we offer a window tinting film that stops damage to furniture and wood floors. We offer a warranty on this product.

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Work With The Best Residential Home Window Tinting Company In San Marcos

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us. This is why we take our time, making sure we implement the highest quality craftsmanship at each one of our jobs. No job is too small or large for us at Tint Solutions. We can do a singular window, or we can do every window in a home. We provide the best San Marcos, CA, residential window tinting.

Anyone who contacts us for service should expect an honest service. Our trustworthy employees are experts in their field. This is better shown than told. Call us to talk about San Marcos, CA, house window tint film, and what it can offer to your home. Whether you are looking for decoration or practical applications, we have plenty of products to choose from.

The Benefits Of San Marcos, CA House Window Tint Film


Create Appeal

San Marcos, CA, residential window tinting adds a sleek style to your home – a technique that can’t be achieved in any other way. It brings a particular aspect of mystery to any home, creating interest from people who pass by. Don’t be surprised when your neighbors and friends ask you about your new window tints.

Protect From UV Rays

Window tint protects your home from harmful UV rays. Not only will you be protected from the beams, but your furniture and interior will be too. Our products make the interior of your home last longer. UV rays can especially damage hardwood floors. Using home window tint, you are protecting your floors from harmful rays, further increasing your home’s value.

Add Home Value

A lot of people think that residential home window tinting is simply for cosmetic purposes. Heating and cooling benefits aside, home window tint also adds value to the home.

Energy Efficient

If saving money is your goal, you will be thrilled to know that window tint makes a house easier to cool, thus saving you a small fortune. The best home window tint in San Marcos, CA, can lower costs by nearly 30%.

Protect Turf From Glare

Turf can benefit from our turf film. This specialized film is made to prevent glare, making your turf investment last longer than ever.

Home Window Film Tinting FAQs

Who Can Benefit From Residential Home Window Tinting In San Marcos, CA?

Every San Marco resident benefits when they schedule an appointment with us here at Tint Solutions. You won’t suffer from glare on your television, your wood floors will last longer, your furniture will not get sun-faded, and you will see lower monthly electric costs. Below are just a few of the people who can benefit from San Marcos, CA, residential window tinting.

  • Online students
  • Work-at-home Parents
  • Landlords
  • Homeowners who might sell
  • Homeowners who want to increase value
  • Parents with kids and infants

As you can see, almost everyone can benefit in some way or another. It may be hard to believe how beneficial window tint film can be. That’s why we’d love to show you. Contact us to learn more about window film and the services we offer. Your family will thank you.

How Long Does Window Tint Last?

Our products are made using the highest quality materials available today. It is entirely possible that the window tint can last a lifetime. We also offer a semi-permanent solution that could be removed should you wish. Most of our window tints last between 10-15 years.

Cleaning the windows will not lessen the lifespan of the tint. Sometimes it takes up to 65 days for the window tint to dry and cure; however, once this timespan is completed, you can treat it like any other window. However, an abrasive substance, such as certain cleaners, will degrade the window tint.

What Is The Window Tint Process Like?

San Marcos, CA, residential window tinting from our company begins with a quote. We discuss your needs and wants, determine how many windows you want to be treated, and give you a price. This process consists of getting measurements for your windows, and you select which of our products you’d like to have.

Next comes the installation. We clean the windows first and give them time to dry. A special adhesive is used to apply the tint. We will then use a squeegee to get rid of any air bubbles. Finally, we clean the windows one more time before leaving your home. It’s a fast process, each window taking only 2-3 hours to complete. The curing process typically takes a month but can take up to 65 days.

Do You Install Window Film For Turf?

Yes. We are familiar with the frustration that comes with adding new turf to your home and knowing that it will be destroyed by window glare. Most of our window tint film can protect the interior from sunrays; however, we offer a product that is specifically designed to protect your new turf from the sun.

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Types Of San Marcos, CA Residential Window Tinting

Everyone’s home is unique, deserving their own specialized window tint film that fits with every detail of their home. That’s why we offer window film styles that complement every type of home. We are confident you will find one of our products that you will love. Keep reading to learn about all of our different types of window tint film.


Daytime Privacy Film

This type of film prevents people from seeing inside the home during the daytime. It provides security to homeowners, ensuring that no one can see inside. We also offer a nighttime privacy film.



These window films are designed to target those wishing to lower their energy costs specifically. This type of tint can block up to 99% of the sun’s rays, preventing the home from getting too hot in warmer weather. It also reduces glare.


Dual Reflective Film

This is the most common type of window tint we install. It is available in several different percentages, each offering more and more reflective properties. It provides a variety to homeowners to pick specifically they require.


Decorative Film

Another popular choice, decorative film, is intended to add a little something else to your windows. There are many different patterns available for you to choose from, meaning everyone can find the look they want on their home.


Safety Films

This film adds an extra layer of security to your windows. It makes the window harder to shatter. If a window does break with this film installed, it will break into fewer pieces, lowering hazards and making it easier to clean up. This film is typically applied to lower-level windows, home office areas, and bedrooms.


Turf Window Film

The turf window film is designed specifically to protect turf from the sun’s rays. Our turf film is made in-house, meaning we offer great deals and only use high-quality materials.

San Marcos, CA residential Window Tinting You Can Trust

Stop Googling for home window tinting near me today. You won’t find a group better than us. We have years of experience and the best team in the industry, ensuring that each of our jobs is done with care.

Our installers know how to efficiently install our films thanks to their years of on-the-job experience. This allows them to comfortably install any window tint in a professional and timely manner. We hope that our service will exceed your expectations.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Simply look around town for houses that have been tinted. Chances are we did the work. Give us a call to learn more about our products and the installation process. We are happy to answer any questions you have, provide you with further information about our products, and get your one step closer to having your perfect window tint. Don’t hesitate, call us today to learn more.

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