We Provide Great Commercial Anti-Fog Films For Your Windows

Tint Solutions is a reputable window film installation company in Southern California. We provide window films to hotels, gyms, and restaurants. We are a team of dedicated window film installers, so we never cut corners. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll strive to meet your expectations. We have decades of experience in the window film industry, so if you don’t know which coating is best for your business, we can give you a solid recommendation.

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The Benefits Of Installing An Anti Fog Window Film

It's Non-Abrasion

With an anti-fog coating, a window will have a strong layer of protection against scratches. In the business world, a window’s appearance matters. When a window is clean and attractive, it will drive people into the building. If a window is fogging and scratched, it will have the opposite effect. It is why an anti-fog window coating is a practical long-term investment. After the installation is done, it will pay for itself over and over again.

It Improves Clarity

An anti-fog film is an excellent investment for a commercial fridge that has a glass panel. Our anti-fog window film can provide clarity if a layer of fog constantly forms on the glass door panels in your kitchen. With our products, fog will never conceal items behind your glass panels.

No Fogging In Extreme Conditions

In extreme conditions, a window fog film will still prevent fogging. Harsh temperatures and high humidity will never threaten this type of window film because it’s manufactured uniquely. The film is made with a high-density crossed-linked polymer. This polymer is carefully cured on a professional-grade polyester film during the manufacturing process. No one can see the polymer or the polyester material when the film sets because they’re totally clear.

It Has Strong Anti-Fog Properties

Our coatings are better than the alternatives. We use those that have solid anti-fog properties, and they never weaken over time. A generic one will likely fail once water immersion takes a toll, and a cheap film will lose its quality if it’s cleaned consistently regularly. With an actual anti-fog material, there are no risks. If you work with us, you’ll get high-quality, heavy-duty glass fogging films. You can confidently clean our products with:

  • Detergent Alcohol
  • Ammonia
  • Glass cleaners
  • Trichloroethylene
  • Toluene
  • Acetone
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Our Commercial Anti-Fog Window Coatings Can Enhance Experiences In Gyms, Restaurants, And Hotels

Anti-fog window coatings are helpful in gyms for several reasons. If you’re a trainer, our films can keep your mirrors clear throughout every workout routine. An anti-fog window coating serves a purpose in the locker room, too; it can keep fog off of the mirror.

If a film is placed on a refrigerated vending machine, it will keep the glass panel clear for customers. With our film, it will remain transparent long after the temperature drops.

Our anti-fog films help hotels in multiple ways.

We often install coatings:


In bathrooms to keep mist off of mirrors


In suites to keep moisture off of windows


In kitchens to prevent fogging on chilled glass panels

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Why Commercial Anti-Fog Films For Windows Are Worth Your Investment


No-hassle maintenance:

A window film is easy to maintain. You can clean it with any glass cleaner that has an ammonia-free formula.

Tough and durable:

The film can resist chemical damage and UV damage.


Intense heat from the sun won’t harm a fog film. If direct sunlight shines on a coating for hours, it will never turn yellow like alternative films.


All fog films for windows meet the latest environmental standards.
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The Advantages For Freezer Doors

Our films are very energy-efficient. They can:


Block fog on non-heated freezer doors


Reduce a freezer's daily energy consumption


Decrease the effects of temporary fogging on heated freezer doors


Boost the lifespan of a freezer's compressor


Lower a freezer's daily operating costs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does a film have levels or percentages?

A film’s percentage refers to its light transmission. If you’re going to install films on windows that will let the light shine into a building, this number will matter. A film that has a high percentage will let more light shine into your building. If you want it darker, you’ll need a coating that has a lower transmission.

Is it possible to repair a film?

If someone accidentally damages a panel that has been enhanced with a window film, there will be no way to repair the coating. However, you can replace the damaged film with a new one. If it only has light scratches, you could install another one over it.

What makes a film appear hazy?

A window film will appear hazy or blotchy when a layer of moisture is wedged between a coating and the glass after the installation is done. Usually, this effect will fade as the film cures on the glass. The total curing time varies depending on the film. Some films will set within a few days, and others within several months. Once all of the water completely evaporates, a hazy glass panel will have superb clarity.

Where are window films installed on a window?

Windows films are typically installed on the inside of a glass panel. This strategy protects a film from harsh outdoor elements.

Can a window film prevent the glass from breaking?

A window film can’t prevent a panel from shattering. However, it can hold some of the pieces together.
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The Benefits Of Using Our Services


Military discount:

If you’re an active or retired military officer, we’ll give you a great deal on our window films.

Consistent referrals:

We have many happy customers and good reviews. If you use our services, you’ll understand why our business has a 95 percent referral rate.

A lifetime warranty:

You’ll have peace of mind long after the installation is done because we stand by our work. We’ll give you a lifetime warranty.

Expert installation:

We have the best installers in North County on our installation team.
Our anti-fog films are helping many businesses throughout southern California. If you don’t have these for your restaurant, gym, or hotel business, you should try our products, too. We have one goal during commercial window film installation projects – we want to protect what matters the most.

If you buy a window film from us, there will be no surprises because we’ll give you a quote. Contact us today, and let us optimize your windows or panels with our fog window films.

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You’ll see why Tint Solutions has a 95% referral rate.

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