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There are several benefits to window tinting. The most common uses include:


Minimize Heat




Customized Exterior & Decorative Films


Increased Security & Safety


Avoid Interior Fading





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Why Choose Tint Solutions For San Clemente, CA Residential Window Tinting

Window tinting benefits any home regardless of style and location. Let us help you maintain the integrity of your home’s interior. The wide array of window tint films we offer are top-notch. This protects you, your family, and your valuables from harmful UV rays.

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Protect Your Furniture & Fixtures

Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage your interior furniture and floors. As a result, this can cause the fading of furniture, curtains, and floor rugs. Blocking harmful light helps prevent damage to your interior furnishings.
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Fast Heat Reduction

We offer a specialized tinting film that provides quick heat-reducing results — our tint blocks 99.9 % of the harmful light. For the best residential home window tinting San Clemente, CA, trust only Tint Solutions.
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Lifetime Warranty

Our window tint film has a lifetime warranty! With this, you are guaranteed that our tint film is durable and high-quality. At Tint Solutions, we back up our work with the best warranty in the industry.

Our window tint doesn’t just protect you from the sun; it reduces snow glare too. Are you renting? No problem! If you live in a rental property, there are semi-permanent tint films available. For a complete list of our window tinting services, please call us! For guaranteed, long-term window tinting services, trust only Tint Solutions.

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Getting The Best Home Window Tinting Near Me

There are a few factors that need to be considered when choosing a window tinting service. Some houses may need only one window tinted, and some may require all windows tinted. We will present you with your options, along with the pros and cons of each.

We will advise you on what is best for you based on your needs and priorities. We’re happy when you’re happy, and we guarantee the best service possible. At Tint Solutions, expect nothing less than honest, trustworthy, and professional service.

Advantages Of San Clemente, CA House Window Tint Film


Increase Curb Appeal

having a window tint film on your windows adds appeal to your home. It is a long-lasting way of improving your house’s curb appeal. On top of functionality, it adds flair too!

Increase House Value

curb appeal increases the value of your house. The increased aesthetic will increase your property value. Tinting windows add style and value to your home!

Protection From UV Rays

window tinting will block up to 99.9% of the sun’s rays from getting into your home. It’s an effective solution in protecting not only your valuables but you and your family from harmful light, more importantly.

Increase Privacy & Security

The tint film allows you to see outside easily, without them seeing you. This is especially ideal for people who live in areas exposed to bustling traffic and passersby (condominiums, roadside houses, etc.). Don’t give burglars the opportunity to scout for valuables they can steal. With tinted windows, they won’t be able to.

Higher Energy Savings

window tinting will help you save on your energy bills. Tinted windows help keep your home cool, especially in the summer season. This reduces your energy cost due to less air conditioning use. In cold seasons, the film on the windows will keep the heat in the room leading to less use of heaters.

Reduce Turf Glare

tinting residential windows will reduce glare from the sun. This will protect even your installed turf from glare. You must have spent a lot on your turf. Make sure your investment doesn’t go to waste! Protect your turf with Tint Solutions window tinting services.

Residential Home Window Tinting San Clemente FAQs

Here are some of the most asked questions around the process of window film tinting:

Who Are The Best Candidates For Home Window Tinting Near Me?

Every homeowner knows how glare can be annoying while watching TV or scrolling on your phone, and you might have even tried remedying it by changing the settings. Still, your efforts have proved to be ineffective in reducing glare. Tinting the windows in your home is the best remedy to address the issue! On top of glare reduction, tinted windows protect your furnishings from harmful light too.

The best candidates are those that need any of the benefits that are listed above. These can be:

  • Homeowners who want to sell their home and want to increase the curb appeal
  • Students who study online
  • People who work-from-home
  • Landlords
  • People with large bay-like windows
  • People who live in sunny areas

Essentially, everyone benefits from having their windows tinted. We offer various films depending on your needs and the amount of sun your window is exposed to. For guaranteed satisfaction, trust only Tint Solutions for the best residential window tinting services! Let us show you why we are the #1 rated tinting company in San Clemente instead of telling you.

How Long Will The Window Tint Film Last?

We use the best home window tint in San Clemente, CA. Several factors determine how long tints last. But with proper care, our specialized tints last for about ten to fifteen years. When the window tint film is installed, it will take thirty days to dry and cure completely. Until the curing is complete, we advise you not to touch or clean the windows to allow the film to set properly.

Use soft materials and cleaning agents to clean after the curing period. This will help preserve the tint film and keep it in the best condition. Abrasive materials will scratch the surface, which will decrease the film’s effectiveness. Don’t worry, if you have questions after the installation, we’re happy to answer all of them.

What Is The Window Tint Process?

The first step is to get the basics. After getting the number and size of the windows, we will discuss your available options with you. You will then choose the kind of film you prefer. Don’t worry, we always offer our professional advice every step of the way. We want to make sure you make the most informed decision. After you decide, we will then share a quote. This will also help us agree on the work we shall carry out and the timelines.

Before making the installation, we will first clean the windows thoroughly before applying the window tint film. This is important to give the film a clean surface to cleave on the pane. We then use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles that may be trapped under the film. Each window will take approximately two hours to complete. At Tint Solutions, we work thoroughly and effectively.

Is There A Window Film For Turf?

Turf can be damaged with too much exposure to the sun and melts when the temperature reaches 175F. Our turf window tint film stops this by absorbing the light instead of reflecting it to your turf. On top of protecting you, your family, and your belongings, we protect your turf too! We offer various window tinting films that fit your specific needs.
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Types Of San Clemente CA Residential Window Tinting

There are different types of window tint films available. We will advise you on what is best for you based on your needs:


Solar Film

This is very effective for energy saving. Solar tints absorb 99.9% of the sun’s rays. It can regulate your home’s temperature and helps reduce glare. It is thicker than other tint films.

Daytime Privacy Film

This kind of tint film offers privacy. You get a clear view from the inside of your home, not from the outside. They won’t be able to see from the outside looking in. It also comes with a nighttime privacy film option which works the same way at night. We can give you privacy day and night, 24/7.

Dual Reflective Film

This film is dual-reflective, which means that it is highly reflective on the outside, with a mirror-like surface. This kind of film is customizable. It comes in different percentages to adjust the reflectiveness you get. This film will provide privacy and energy efficiency when it is installed in your home.

Safety Films

This kind of tint film will increase the safety of your windows. It serves as an added layer of protection. It shields your windows from damage from intruders, vandalism, earthquakes, etc. It builds resistance to force and does not shatter or spread broken glass.

This kind of film is a good option for areas that are prone to natural disasters. It is also widely used for windows on the lower level of the house.


Decorative Film

Decorative window film has aesthetic elements for San Clemente, CA residential window tinting. As the name suggests, this film reduces visibility while adding style to your home. We offer several patterns that will surely match your specific style. This film is primarily for privacy and style, not energy efficiency.

Turf Window Film

Artificial turf improves your yard’s aesthetics but requires a different kind of maintenance compared to natural glass. You can come across problems, especially when your artificial turf is constantly exposed to high temperatures.

This kind of film is used to protect your turf from solar damage. Our turf window film protects your artificial glass from reflecting the sun directly to it. When the tint film is used, the turf will last longer and remain in its best condition.

The Most Reliable San Clemente CA House Window Tint Film

We are the best home window tint in San Clemente, CA. We are experts in our field and have worked with several types of glass and tint films.

We have worked on different-sized windows and houses for over two decades and have helped clients with specific tinting needs and priorities. We take everything into account and always work with your preferences and needs at the forefront. At Tint Solutions, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Some films are better fitting for certain types of glass. Rest assured, we will apply the most appropriate one for maximum efficiency and longevity. Your priorities are our priorities. To save energy, increase privacy, or safety, call Tint Solutions for the best residential home window tinting in San Clemente, CA!

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