Stop looking for home window tinting near me because Tint Solutions is the best home window tint in Temecula, CA, option!

Best Rated Residential Window Tinting In Temecula, CA

Our customers look for residential home window tinting Temecula, CA, options for several reasons.

Tint Solutions offers answers and options for:


Interior Fading


Excessive Heat


Security & Safety








Exterior & Decorative Custom Films

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Why Should You Choose Tint Solutions for Your Temecula Residential Window Tinting?

Your home can benefit from our Temecula, CA, residential window tinting solutions in many ways:

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Heat Is Reduced Quickly

Every one of our residential home tinting films for windows blocks out 99.9 percent of the harmful light outside. That’s the kind of light that hurts and fades flooring, furniture, and artwork.

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Protect Your Furnishings And Floors

If you’re already noticing the adverse impact of sun exposure on the hardwood furniture or floors in your home, then don’t look for home window tinting near me. Just call us at Tint Solutions.

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Get A Lifetime Warranty

Our line of products and services includes lifetime warranties that cover your home as long as you live there.

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Work With the Best Temecula, CA, Residential Window Tinting

If you want to know what’s truly important to us, then you should know it’s nothing short of your total satisfaction. We take the necessary time to instill high-caliber craftsmanship with every single job we do. Whether you just want a single-window tinted or your whole home, our expert team handles your needs. We offer effective home window tinting for all your Temecula, CA needs.

When you contact us to get service, you can rely on us to provide honest results, thanks to industry veterans looking out for you and your needs. We can undoubtedly show you better than we could ever tell you. Contact us so we can have a conversation about window tint and all the wonderful advantages you’ll enjoy once you have this installed on the windows of your home.

The Biggest Benefits You Can Get From Residential Window Tinting


Increase Your Curb Appeal

Adding window tinting to your Temecula, CA home makes your property more sleek and stylish. Add a mysterious appeal that blends well with your current exterior aesthetic.

Protect Your Home From UV Rays

Our window tinting blocks as much as 99.9 percent of hurtful UV rays, which protects your home and your family. Enjoy instant protection and peace of mind with our installation services.

Enhance Your Energy Savings

Is saving money something you like to do? Of course, it is. You worked hard to earn it, so why not cut down on your cooling costs every year? Our window tinting can cut your cooling costs by almost one-third!


Boost Your Home Value

Many customers contact us because they’re looking for the increased aesthetic appeal window tinting can add to their home. They’re often surprised to learn about all the other benefits that come along with it.

Avoid Turf Damage From Glare

We offer turf guard window film to keep your turf from getting damaged by window glare. Protect your turf investment and let it last longer.


Prevent Fading

When sunlight can’t shine fully through window tint, you no longer have to worry about flooring or furnishings fading from UV rays and chronic damage over time. Discoloration is a thing of the past, which is especially great for hardwood floors or wood furniture.

Temecula Residential Window Tinting FAQs

Still, have questions about this at this point? We get asked specific questions rather frequently. Here they are, along with the information you will be delighted to know:

Who Can Benefit Thanks to Residential Window Tinting?

Every single resident of Temecula can take advantage of our window tinting services.

You can benefit from window tinting if:

  • You hate glare hitting your TV screen when watching a game or program.
  • You don’t like your home’s wood flooring showing defects from sunlight.
  • You want more ambiance in your residence.
  • You would love more curb appeal.

Everyone can take advantage of window film installation:

  • Students doing online schooling
  • Remote-work employees
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Property managers
  • Homeowners getting ready to sell
  • Homeowners wanting to improve their residence and property

As you can see, practically any family in Temecula, CA, can benefit from our window tinting services for residential homes. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate this to you ourselves. We know we’ll earn your trust in us as the best possible home window tint in the area. Call us to see what we can do for you and your home.

How Long Will Window Tinting Last?

Our window tinting is made using only the highest-caliber raw grade materials available on the market. Our Temecula, CA home window tint film offers long-term protection. Several factors can impact how long it lasts, including the kind of film you install and how you care for it. Most of our window films provide a decade of tint coverage, sometimes lasting 15 years or more.

You can expect 30 days as the minimum time for our window tint to fully dry and cure, although some instances need twice as much time. At this time, you should not clean or even touch your windows. Once the time has passed, then you can clean your tinted windows just like any other. Don’t use any kind of abrasive material on your tinted windows once they’ve had a chance to dry.

What's Our Process for Window Tinting?

Every one of our jobs starts with you getting a free quote. We talk to you about our products and services and your needs so we can make things match.

Once you pick a specific film, we measure your window sizes. We get our measurements at the particular time of your free quote to offer you an accurate quote. There’s no guesswork with your window installation that results in headaches later.

Next, we will schedule your installation date based on your needs. When we show up, we’ll clean your windows before giving them enough time to dry. The next step is applying our window film by utilizing a unique adhesive. We squeegee out all the air bubbles if there are any, before we give the window a final cleaning.

It’s all pretty simple, actually, and we only need two to three hours for each window. After that, you get to enjoy gorgeous tinted windows and all of the wonderful benefits you read about above.

Do You Offer Window Film Just for Turf?

We do. We know how frustrating adding in some new turf can be only to see window glare destroy it. As much as our Temecula residential window tint can protect the belongings in your home from the rays of the sun, you can also count on the turf window film we have to reduce the glare that might hurt your turf. As a result, your turf will be protected and last longer.

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Types of Temecula, CA, House Window Tint Film

You have a distinct home, and it deserves a specific window tint that matches every surrounding attribute. That’s why we offer a number of window film styles to suit the need of every homeowner in Temecula, CA. These window film possibilities include the following:


Daytime Privacy Film

This kind of film helps homeowners feel safe in the daytime because no one outside can see into the home. There are also nighttime privacy film possibilities available.

Solar Window Tint

Give your home the best energy efficiency with this kind of tint. Able to absorb as much as 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, this film is thicker than conventional products. Regulate your interior temperatures while also reducing glare.

Dual Reflective Film

This is the most frequently requested window tint. We offer it in numerous packages, so homeowners have options in terms of customization and choice.

Decorative Film

Add some artistic vibe to any window of your home. Find a special look you love, thanks to many different patterns available.

Safety Films

Improve the physical safety of your home with safety films that protect against potential breakage or other forms of damage. Any window can have a sleek appearance thanks to these kinds of film, and many customers pick these for home offices, bedrooms, and any window on a lower level.

Turf Window Film

Protect your turf with this. Don’t worry about the sun’s harsh glare ruining the turf you have. We make this in-house, so you know you’re getting the best protection at the best price.

We Offer the Best Home Window Tint Temecula CA Has Available

Tint Solutions is the residential window tinting service and product provider you can trust!

Our technicians have the tools, skills, and experience necessary to install window film efficiently. It’s that level of industry experience that makes us comfortable in the easy installation of window tint to every home that we service. Count on our team of dedicated service specialists to surpass your expectations. You will get exactly what you need and want and more.

Temecula, CA residential window tinting services are what we do, and we do the best. Don’t just trust us on this, though. Contact us, and we’ll prove it when we talk to you. We’re here to answer all your questions, give you product information, and help you with whatever else you need as you move closer to window tint installation.

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