Protect Your Artificial Turf With A Residential Turf Guard Window Film

Artificial turf is a great way to improve the appearance of your yard. It’s a trendy choice for people who live in hot, dry areas where natural grass is difficult to maintain.

But artificial turf can run into problems that grass doesn’t have. One of the biggest is that when it reaches a high temperature, it begins to melt.

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How A Turf Window Film Prevents Melting

Artificial grass usually starts to melt when it reaches temperatures of about 175 F. The angle and direction of the sun’s rays have a lot to do with this. Another critical factor is the reflection of sunlight off your windows.

Windows can reflect the sun directly onto the artificial turf, causing it to heat twice as much as it would otherwise. Second-story windows can reflect light at an angle that’s too damaging for artificial turf to survive.

Window film stops this. A window film prevents the glass from reflecting light and heat. Instead, the shade absorbs the light. It also keeps the inside of the building cooler and helps with thermal regulation.

You might consider installing a window film on any windows that reflect onto your yard. A professional window film installation service from Tint Solutions can help. Call us for a quote.

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Benefits Of Window Film For Turf Protection

The main benefit is that the film prevents the turf from melting. As the sun travels the sky, it reflects off of your windows. This angle causes the grass to heat up. Artificial grass tends to retain more heat than natural grass.

These aren’t the only benefits that come from installing window film, though. There are several other reasons to use a window film to protect turf that will help you protect both the inside and outside of your property.

Save On Energy

When you add a film to your windows, you can save on your energy costs. Not only do the windows not reflect sunlight into your yard, but they also prevent sunlight from heating the interior of your home or office.

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Protect Furniture

Your turf isn’t the only thing that can be damaged by heat and sunlight. Furniture can fade due to sun exposure over time. But if you use the UV protection of a window film, you don’t have to worry as much about your furniture fading.

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Reduce Indoor UV Exposure

When you open your windows, you can become exposed to the sun’s UV rays, even if you’re inside. Window film can help to protect you from potential sun damage.

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Protect Against Breakage

Residential tinting adds a level of protection against window breakage. Some films are specifically designed to add security to windows that won’t easily break if someone tries to damage them.

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Remove Glare

A window film will remove glare both inside and outside of the building. As mentioned, this prevents the sun from melting your artificial turf.

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Add Privacy

Window films can add a layer of privacy to a home. You can see out of the windows, but strangers outside can’t see the inside.

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Types Of Window Film

There are several different types of turf shield window film that can be mounted on the exterior glass of a house. These all let you see through the glass while preventing your grass from melting. You’ll also experience increased thermal efficiency since window films can be seven times more effective than regular blinds.

We scale our solutions based on your needs. Some of the types of project that you might choose are:


UV-coated films that allow for bright interior lighting


Darker films that absorb radiation and prevent reflection


Tinted window screens

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of turf guard window film installation?

The pricing will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. If you’re a veteran, we can offer military discounts for our services.

Our experts have industry experience with applying window film. Once we evaluate the site and give you a quote, we’ll follow these steps to make sure that the film is installed and displayed correctly:

  • Clean the windows to make sure the film lies flat and provides even coverage.
  • Cut the film to size.
  • Apply it, making sure to press out bubbles.
  • Press the film to the corners of the windows when the middle is flat.
  • Trim the edges to the ideal size.

This process will protect your artificial grass, especially if your area is exposed to a lot of sunlight. In addition, you’ll get access to the benefits of window tinting, such as energy efficiency and increased indoor comfort.

What is the best place to install turf film?

It’s best to install your film in places that might reflect onto your artificial grass. This anti-reflective measure will help prevent the sunlight from reaching potentially harmful temperatures.

The second-story windows often reflect the most damaging light. They have the most chance to catch and reflect the sun throughout the day. Most artificial grass starts to melt at around 175 F, and it can heat to that temperature very quickly if left in the sun.

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