We Provide Top Rated Commercial Building Window Tinting Murrieta

We Provide The Best Commercial Window Tint Solutions

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We Provide Top Rated Commercial Building Window Tinting Murrieta

Get the best window tinting solutions for any issue such as:


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Choose From Our Top Rated Murrieta Commercial Window Films

Discover The Best Window Tint Solutions

We offer our customers a variety of Murrieta window tinting to choose from so you can select the perfect film.

Our commercial window film products and services are a smart choice. You will save a lot of money on energy bills, and your return on investment can be as little as six months.

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Greater Comfort

Protection For Interiors

Fast Heat Reducing Results

Superior Energy Efficient

Lower Utility Bills

Lifetime Warranties


Discover The Best Murrieta Commercial Window Tinting Solutions

Gain Privacy

Improve exterior views and privacy

Energy Savings

Our Murrieta window tinting pays for itself within six months.

Conserve Energy

Reduce A/C bills up to 30-40% and lower room temperatures up to 15 degrees.

Protect Your Interior From Fading

Protect your office’s interior against 99.9% of the harmful UV Rays from entering through your glass and windows with our Murrieta’s window tinting.

Lifetime Warranties

We offer a wide variety of commercial window film options from leading national manufacturers that can custom-match any exterior building surface design, regardless of color.

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Our Top Rated Murrieta Commercial Window Films Are The Perfect Solution For Your Office.

Find Out Why Murrieta Chooses Tint Solutions For Commercial Glass Tinting


Lowering Utility Bills

If you notice the adverse effects of sun exposure on your hardwood floors or furniture, Murrieta window tinting can help. Alongside our Llumar products the estimated UV reduction on most window tinting Murrieta is about 99%.

Control Glare On Digital Screens

Our window tint Murrieta is cost-effective and more efficient than coverings and blinds and lasts much longer. Our films allow you to stop glare, unlike heavy lined draperies/curtains, which also compromise your view.

Get Year-Round Comfort

Save money and enhance the comfort of your office throughout all seasons. Our exclusive Murrieta commercial window tinting will reject up to 84% of the heat entering your building.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Commercial window tinting can lower your energy costs. The insulating effect provided by our Murrieta commercial window tinting prevents cold and heat from escaping your office. Your savings will vary depending on your office size and the age and condition of your windows.

Add Strength And Security To Glass

Reduce the risk of injury by a shard of glass, which can be caused by vandalism, natural disasters, and indoor accidents. Our window tint commercial window tint is the key to preventing a medical emergency.
Any questions?

Window Film Window Tinting FAQs

Check out below to see if your question is answered here.

How Do You Install Commercial Tinting Murrieta?

Our installation process begins by prepping your windows, moving things out of the way, and thoroughly cleaning the windows. We then cut our Murrieta commercial window tinting to the size of your windows and spray them down. After that, we put the commercial window film on your window and again, cut to size to ensure everything is aligned and fits perfectly. We then squeegee all the water out and allow up to 60 days for your commercial window films to dry.

Does Commercial Glass Tinting Murrieta Go On The Outside Or Inside?

Most commercial window films can be installed on the interior of window tint Murrieta in commercial settings. Many of our Murrieta commercial window tinting products are made for interior installation. But exterior office window tinting Murrieta can also be used.

Can I Get Night Time Privacy With Window Tint Film?

You can get full privacy during the day with Murrieta window tint, but the current window tint products do not allow for nighttime privacy if the lights are turned on. However, you can use a decorative window film such as a frosted window to achieve nighttime privacy. You will not be able to see anything in or out of a frosted Carlsbad commercial window tinting during the night or day.

How Do You Choose A Commercial Building Tinting Company?

• Professionalism

 Always go for a company that has clear quality assurance processes. Such a company ensures that what you order is what you get. They also have clear operation processes that outline the course of action in case a dispute arises.

• Experience

Experienced hands in commercial window tinting in Murrieta are always better than inexperienced ones. Look out for the number of years of experience a company has installing tints on commercial properties. Also, ask for sample works from previous jobs that they have done to feel the quality of service they offer. 

• A Good Reputation 

What do former clients say about this business window tinting near me company and their services? Find this out by seeking out online reviews and comments from your chosen company’s former clients so that you can make a final decision on whether to hire them or not.

• Services

Does the commercial building tinting company provide the exact services you require? Find out about the services offered during office window tinting in Murrieta prior by consulting a tinting company. Go for a company that offers high-quality services and able to work on what you want.

• Affordability

Depending on your business window tinting budget and preferences, you should be able to afford the services of the company you opt for. The very best tinting companies offer superb quality services at pocket-friendly charges because they are mindful of their customers. However, companies are different, and it is up to them to decide about the fees appropriately.

A good way to get the best opinions is by asking the company for some references that you can reach out to for verification of their services promise.

Are There Different Levels Of Tints?

Yes, there are various levels of tints. The level of your office window tinting in Murrieta will depend on how much light you require in your business offices. A tint may look darker inside due to the natural light being prevented from escaping.

Standard tints range from 35 percent to 25 percent. However, your commercial building window tinting in Murrieta requirements and instructions may require tints that are not standard, and we ensure that we work with what you want as long as it is the right option.


There is a maximum level of tints authorized in some specific states, but the higher the tint percentage level, the more heat the filming can reflect away. The level of tints to be used in your business offices is also determined by the purpose of the tilting, that is, whether it is for decoration or for preventing excess heat from getting inside.


Three key types of tints include;

• Dyed Tints

The tints are one of the main types of tint. The tinting is cheap because it is of low quality, and the materials used are not expensive. It is mainly for decoration purposes since it is not reflective (results to heat getting into the offices). With time, the dyed tints turn purple and end up forming some bubbles.

Dyed tints are among commercial window tinting in Murrieta services. If you require them for your business offices, you can always contact Tint Solutions. We do not apply too much effort working on such tints hence very affordable.

However, if your commercial building window tinting in Murrieta is not purposely for decoration, we end up discouraging you from them because they are not a good option. They do not offer an environment that is comfortable for your workers and you to be very focused at work.

Dyed tints are mostly encouraged in areas that are not very hot. Businesses in such areas are not affected by any heat from the sun.

• Hybrid Tints

Hybrid tinting is a combination of dyes and metallic materials. The tints are quite good quality and of higher performance compared to the dyed tints. Most business owners would opt for hybrid tinting because it is affordable and can reject solar heat from getting inside offices. 

For hybrid tints, they are very common in areas that do not experience too much heat from the sun seasons. In such areas, films can provide businesses with very good offices for good productivity.

• Metalized Tints

The tinting is one of the highest quality tints today. Metalized tints not only enhance your offices’ looks, but they are also very beneficial for productivity and concentration. They can prevent the solar heat from disrupting all ongoing operations. Besides that, these tints come with a lifetime warranty.

Businesses in areas that experience too much solar heat end up going for this option. Such businesses require their offices to be operational, and for good results, everyone has to be okay within the working area. The heat may not be healthy and good for you, and also your workers hence has to be well taken care of by tinting.

To make sure that the tints last for a longer duration, they should be well taken care of. All tints are not supposed to be cleaned with ammonia-based cleaners to avoid removing the tinting. For a good cleaning, one requires to use some soapy water along with a soft cloth and, finally, clean water for rinsing. 

Each safe tint cleaner should not contain ammonia. There are available ammonia-free tints cleaners for anyone willing and able to buy. After every cleaning, the tints are supposed to be dried with a soft dry cloth to avoid dirt like dust sticking on them.

Why Tint A Commercial Building?

Tinting a commercial building comes with a load of benefits. Below are a few of the direct benefits of this process:

• It saves you money

A commercial window tinting in Murrieta gets a balanced and consistent climate within itself. This translates into lower energy consumption and lower operations costs. You thus, save money by just adding a tint to your commercial building. 

• Comfort and better habitation

A tinted building avoids direct sunlight, glare, heat fluctuations, and hotspots. UV rays are filmed out, as well as glare and heat. You thus remain with balanced temperature and soft light throughout. This makes the place more habitable for clients, employees, and even your shoppers.

• Increased protection

Tinting a building protects the contents from the harmful effects of UV rays and solar heat. You protect the furniture inside from fading, keep the carpets in good shape, and even protect other equipment that is in the building. You end up saving a lot of money due to that simple act of seeking commercial window tinting near me services to place a quality tint on your building.

• Increased Security and Safety

Your building’s windows and glass doors are some of the most vulnerable access points to your building. They can be easily broken and shattered. Using thick security window film tints for your commercial building can help hold these structures in place if shattered. This may also keep burglars at bay while also protecting the building users safe from personal injury.

• Aesthetic value

There is currently a wide range of tint designs and styles to select from when choosing the perfect commercial window tinting in Murrieta for your space. Your looks are a major reference point when your clients judge you. These looks make the first impression on your potential customers, meaning that you should go with a tint that brings out the best in your workplace. Use these tints to enhance the looks and feel of your office space. 


The question is, how then do you get the perfect tint for your commercial building? The best way to go is by working with a commercial window tinting in Murrieta company with a reputation for quality service. Remember, your building tint’s quality can only be as good as the company that helped install it. Above are some tips on what to look out for when picking such a company.

Are There Darker Legal Tints?

Quite dark window tints are a desirable office feature today. The films reflect away every sun’s glare, enhance privacy in your building, resulting in self-protection from ultraviolet rays, offer cooler offices interior, as well as aesthetically amazing look. 


Installation of legal darker tints can be on new, used, or classic windows. Some window glasses come equipped with some tint level in the glass itself, while others come clear (not tinted window glasses). 

Clear glasses require to have windows tints installed, whereas, for already tinted glasses, you can choose to have them tinted darker than they are. In both cases, it is advised to seek professional tints installation for high-quality results.


However, there is an allowable tint limit set for each country or state depending on rules and regulations. Too dark tinting reflects away the most heat but does not allow you to see well enough outside. Also, with very dark tints, you cannot identify the surrounding dangers for your safety.


In conclusion, tinting your building windows is an act that has a positive effect. Whether your intention is a film to improve productivity and focus, you will always feel great about the building outlook after the tilting. Order commercial window tinting near me experts’ services now from Tint Solutions and experience great results.

Our Commercial Building
Window Tinting Murrieta Solutions

Our window film window tinting services can solve your issues.


Safety And Security Window Film Installation

Crime, vandalism, natural disasters, and everyday accidents are common concerns for businesses and property management companies. Our high-performance safety and security Murrieta commercial window tinting provides a very optically clear yet strong barrier that helps keep the glass in place.

Our anti-graffiti commercial window tinting near me are durable and easy to replace, allowing quick installation while keeping your valuable glass free of damage. Our security commercial window films Murrieta can be reinforced with high impact silicone to hold the glass and frame together regardless of any damage the window takes. It can also keep thieves from entering and stealing.

The issue addressed: reduce the danger from wind-borne debris, vandalism, theft, and accidental impact.


Virtually Clear Ceramic Window Tint

Low exterior and interior reflectivity allow you to enjoy your beautiful views while still allowing all the natural light indoors. Our business window tinting near me can solve your issues. This Murrieta’s window tinting solution allows high transmission of natural light into your business while rejecting up to 65% of heat.

The issue addressed: still enjoy outdoor views while only blocking out heat.


Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film combines beauty and privacy.

Decorative pattern window film gives you privacy with eye-catching geometric patterns, lines, and frost. Add privacy to those little windows around the office—such as in kitchens, garages, and bathrooms—at a fraction of installing the etched glass and no messy installation.

The issue addressed: no privacy in your office.


Custom Printed And Cut Opaque Frost Window Films

Decorative window films are made to create a unique aesthetic style to your business and leave a lasting impression on clients and customers. The possibilities are endless with our custom printed and custom cut decorative frosted Murrieta commercial window tinting.

For privacy and design—choose from a variety of patterns, films, and customization options.

The issue addressed: get privacy along with custom design to your unique style needs.

Enjoy The Best Commercial Window Films Murrieta

Discover the most variety of window tint commercial window tint for business and decorative features.

Tint Solutions Inc also specializes in the best Murrieta’s window tinting. With our Murrieta, CA office sitting in the heart of North County, we can service your window tint Murrieta needs quickly and efficiently.

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