The Best Residential Window Tinting in Poway, CA

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Excessive Heat


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Security & Safety






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The Best Poway CA Residential Window Tinting

Our professional Poway, CA, residential window tinting installations will create a big difference in the amount of heat in your home. They also reduce glare and sun damage. One of getting the best home window tint in Poway, CA, is the apparent increase in privacy. Prying eyes will be kept out with our excellent window tint. The usefulness of a window tint is only what you make it; however, there are a few qualities that you are guaranteed:

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Your Floors and Furnishings will be Protected

Sun rays can damage both wood and carpeted floors; they can also damage furniture. Sunlight will artificially age anything it touches. Poway, CA, residential window tinting is a great way to keep the damaging sun rays out.

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You will Experience Heat Reduction

Save money on your power bill by reducing the work your air conditioning has to do. Poway, CA, residential window tinting will block sun rays, reducing the heat that penetrates your home’s windows.

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We Offer a Lifetime Warranty

You will receive peace of mind knowing that you have our lifetime warranty. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our guarantee is just one way we satisfy our customers.

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You’ll Know You’re Getting the Best Service in the Industry

You will get the best residential home window tinting in Poway, CA, with our services. When you get your Poway, CA residential window tinting done with us, you know you are getting the highest quality materials installed by the best workers in the industry. Stop looking for the best Poway, CA, residential window tinting; trust us for all of your residential window tinting needs.

There are Plenty of Benefits for Home Window Tinting


Maximize Security and Safety

Should a window break in your home, the broken glass will be minimum from the break. Our tint will help hold the broken glass in place, potentially preventing injury. Tinting also strengthens the integrity of windows, making them harder to break.

Minimize Glare on Your Screens

Everyone has dealt with glare on a computer or television screen. It can completely ruin your viewing experience and render the screen impossible to see. A simple Poway, CA, residential window tinting can remedy this. You’ll no longer have to decorate your living room with the idea of reducing glare as a motivator—defeat glare with a window tint from Tint Solutions.


Energy Conservation

Nature is working against you while you are trying to cool your house. Residential home window tinting in Poway, CA, can be one of your weapons during the Summertime. Window tint will lessen the heat that enters your home due to sun rays, making it easier to keep cool during the hottest months.

Get a Better View

Curtains and shades block out the outside world. Using a window tint, you won’t have to let your curtains down when you want to block out the sunlight. A window tint allows you to keep out the sun without destroying your view of the outside world.

Increase Your Privacy

Not only does a window tint allow you to see outside, it also stops people from the outside from seeing in. Claim back your privacy with Poway, CA residential window tinting.

Energy Savings

The energy savings can’t be talked about enough. You will see returns on your Poway, CA house window tint film in just a few short months.

F.A.Q.s About Poway Residential Window Tinting

What is Window Film?

Window film is multiple layers of thinly engineered materials. These materials are used for their properties in controlling sunlight, glare, and heat. They also increase privacy and aid in managing utility bills.

What are the benefits of Poway residential window films?

Our window films offer ultraviolet protection, fortifies the integrity of your windows, increases eye comfort, and can reduce utility bills. However, arguably the most important benefit of a window film is the increased style to your home.

Why are there so many different film levels?

Other people will prefer different levels of film. Each level of our film increases an additional amount of sunlight. We have a product for everyone, no matter how dark you want your windows to be. We even have products designed to prevent graffiti. As well as products that keep light out while still allowing full visibility to the outside world. There’s no reason to compromise; our company has exactly what you need. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. We are sure to have an option you like.

What about maintenance?

Our window film can be cleaned normally after it has been installed for seven days. Do not attempt to clean the windows before then. You can use a soft cloth or a rubber squeegee to clean your windows. Avoid cleaners with ammonia. Do not use abrasive objects, such as blades, or it may damage the film.

What's the Poway home window tint installation process like?

Our process begins well before installation. We schedule a consultation first. Here, we can examine your situation and talk about the best path forward. As for the actual installation, we measure and clean the windows. Next, we cut the film to the perfect specifications of each of your windows. The entire procedure can take just a single afternoon; however, it can take up to two months for the window tinting to completely dry.

Does window film completely stop glass breakage?

The glass can still be broken; however, it does strengthen the glass’s integrity, reducing the likelihood that glass breaks. It also causes much less of a mess if a window does happen to break. Window tint won’t completely stop glass breakings, but it does make the cleanup and repair process much easier should a window break occur.

Does the tint go on the inside or outside of the glass?

Usually, the tint goes on the inside of the glass. This ensures that the outside elements don’t damage it. However, there are rare situations where window tint can be placed on the outside of the glass. You may prefer some types of tint on the outside, such as anti-graffiti window tint.

What about Night Time Privacy?

Sadly, window tint won’t provide as much privacy at night as it does at day. Since there will be more light on the inside of your home than on the outside, people will still be able to see through your windows at night.

Do we offer a military discount?

To show our respect and admiration for the members of our military, we offer a military discount. Both current-duty military and veterans can see significant savings with our company. It’s just another reason to choose Tint Solutions.

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The Types of Poway CA Residential Window Tinting

We offer a variety of different types of tint. Each of these types of tint serves a purpose, meaning we have something for everyone. You won’t be looking elsewhere once you see all of the Poway, CA residential window tinting services we offer.


Home Window Tint

This is a one-service-meets-all solution. This is the ideal service for resistance against UV rays and unwanted heat. It keeps heat; it blocks glares. If that’s all your want, then this will be the best home window tint in Poway, CA, for you.


Decorative & Aesthetically Pleasing

This type of tint is an excellent combination of privacy and beauty. This type of film allows designs to be incorporated into your glass. Frost, lines, and complex geometric patterns are just a few options here. These types of window tint are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Other rooms can benefit from decorative & aesthetically pleasing window tint as well.


Security and Safety Oriented

Vandalism, natural selections, and other accidents do happen. Our specialized home security window tint provides your glass with an invisible barrier between you and potential disasters. Not only will the glass be reinforced if it does break, but the break will also be much less severe. There won’t be nearly as many loose shards of glass if the window has a tint film over it.


Customized Opaque or Printed Frost

A notch above custom-designed window tint, these opaque window tints will keep out all prying eyes at any time – day or night. These tints are also stylish, which will leave a long lasting impression on anyone who visits your home and sees your windows. Our opaque Poway, CA house window tint film will increase privacy and bring some new style to your home.


Clear Ceramic Tint

This tint is designed for those who still want full visibility of the outside while still canceling some of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. You’ll be able to reap all the benefits of the beautiful view outside your window while still reducing the amount of heat seeping in through the windows. These tints can even block out nearly 65% of heat.


Anti-Graffiti Tint

This tint is designed to stop graffiti. Whether it’s someone trying to vandalize or your creative child, this tint will stop your glass from holding paint. This tint also reinforces your glass, making it harder to break, whether it’s the elements or a nefarious person trying to break in.


Our company knows exactly what you’re looking for because we have been in the industry for over a decade. Our years of experience have created an excellent product selection that is sure to leave you satisfied. Stop looking for home window tinting near me and give us a call. We can answer any questions you have about Poway, CA residential window tinting and help you understand the many benefits.

Simply take a look at our reviews and testimonials to see what our Poway, CA residential window tinting can do for you. Better yet, drive around your neighborhood and see if you notice any homes that may already be using our products.

Poway, CA home window tinting is what our company does best. If you don’t believe us, give us a call, and let’s talk all about window tint and the benefits they can bring to any home.

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