Save Your Artificial Turf With Custom Window Tint

Save Your Artificial Turf With Custom Window Tint

Many homeowners are completely unaware of how energy-efficient windows can damage and even destroy artificial turf. They know how unique energy-efficient windows can be when it comes to cooling down their homes, but no one ever mentions the benefits turf guard window films bring for your turf. What is it? The reflection of the sun on artificial turf can become magnified from your energy-efficient windows, causing your artificial turf to melt, and therefore should consider San Diego turf guard window film.

If you have these windows and are worried about your artificial turf, Tint Solutions can help by applying window film for turf directly to your windows. Read on to learn why you should get turf guard window films.

Selecting the Right Windows

The first step to protecting your turf is to make sure that the light reflected onto your windows doesn’t exceed the melting point of 200 degrees. One of the better ways to make sure this doesn’t happen is to use San Diego turf guard window film on any window that may reflect onto your artificial turf. Having the type of window film that lowers the chances of sun reflection damages will keep your turf looking its best.

Remember, many energy-efficient window companies only want to sell you their products. They bank on the idea that you won’t realize what their windows can do to your artificial turf. You may even feel a slight burning sensation on your skin when you stand in front of one of the windows. It is the same sensation that will quickly cause damage to your artificial turf if you don’t use turf window film to stop it from happening.

Screens Can Protect the Film

The first thing you will want to do is to use window tint to protect your turf from damage, as stated above. However, there is another step that can keep your turf from melting- a protective screen. Placing a sturdy screen on the very outside of the windows will lessen the sunlight’s temperature that pours in. According to the United States Department of Energy, putting up a window screen on the outside of the window can be about seven times more efficient than putting up interior blinds.

Planting a Tree as Protection

While turf film is an excellent way to protect any artificial turf, you may consider planting a tree right where the sun shines into your home. While a new tree may take years to grow, it is an investment for your property while being a deterrent to sunlight. You’ll be able to protect your artificial turf while you contribute to the environment!

Talk to the Neighbors

Is your home close to others? It may not matter what kind of window film you apply if the damage occurs because of the neighboring property. Check to see if your neighbors have glass that could be reflecting onto your turf, damaging it. If they do, you will need to look into quality window tint to protect your turf.

Final Thoughts

While there are a few ways to reduce the damage that can occur to your artificial turf, applying San Diego custom window films is one of the better options. The window tint will protect your turf from damage, such as melting and fading when the sun reflects it from nearby windows. We are a commercial and residential window tint company that offers solutions for our customers. We work with homeowners and business owners who need the following: custom window film, security film, privacy film, frosted window film, and even decorative film installation. Request a free quote today and start protecting your property tomorrow.

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