Turf Guard Window Tinting For Your Residence

Turf Guard Window Tinting For Your Residence

You were proud when you got energy-efficient windows, complete with tint, to keep the sun from turning the inside of your home into a blazing oven. But what you didn’t realize when you got those windows is that the exact tint that turns the sun’s scorching rays away from your home’s interior turns those rays on your turf instead. Those rays are targeting your turf and causing it to burn or melt so you might want to consider San Diego Turf Guard Window Film.

You don’t want to choose between keeping your cool indoors and saving your turf outside. And you don’t have to. With our turf guard window film installation, you can have the best of both worlds.

Why Should You Get Turf Guard Window Films?

There are plenty of window tints out there, but very few can protect your turf. Ensure that you hire a professional to install a window tint to protect turf from melting. This turf film is specifically designed to save your artificial turf by:

Reducing Heat

You want to keep the interior of your home cool but not at the expense of your turf. A turf window film will absorb the heat instead of letting it into your home or projecting it back onto your turf. It will lower the temperature of your artificial turf, keeping it from melting or burning.

Diminishing Reflection

When light bounces off an object – in this case, a window – it causes a reflection. With that comes heat from the sunlight. This heat is what harms your turf. A window film for turf will reduce the heat from the window, ultimately helping you protect your turf from damage.

Preventing Discoloration

Have you noticed that the beautiful green of your turf has been changing to a less vibrant shade of green? Or maybe it’s become yellow or another color entirely? This discoloration is a sign of an internal change and evidence that your turf is melting. A turf window film will halt the melting and prevent discoloration.

Preventing Shrinkage

Like many other things, a turf will begin to shrink when exposed to too much heat. While it can withstand the California sun naturally, a turf will struggle to maintain its size when that same sun is reflected onto it – giving it double the exposure. A turf film reduces the amount of heat your turf is exposed to, keeping it from shrinking.

What Are Your Style Options?

While function matters when it comes to a turf guard window film installation, aesthetics greatly matter too. You don’t want to keep your turf looking good at the expense of your windows, drawing negative attention instead. Luckily, Tint Solutions offers San Diego custom window films that are as stylish and beautiful as functional.

Screen Film

This screen looks a lot like a bug screen and doesn’t block your visibility at all. It means you’ll have no trouble seeing through the windows or getting any of that gorgeous natural light you love so much. It is the most commonly chosen style because it doesn’t block visibility. It’s available in three colors:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • White

Because it blends in the best, silver is the most frequently chosen color.

Matte Frost

Matte Frost blocks visibility when looking in and out of your windows. But it also offers total UV protection, reduces heat, reduces glare, and gives you complete privacy. Better yet, it still allows in almost all of the natural light you enjoy.

If you’re in San Diego and turf guard window film is something you’re ready to try, call Tint Solutions to request a quote today.

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