Top Benefits of Window Film in San Diego
Window film is a good investment for numerous reasons. They can be added to any type of window, including windows for homes and offices. They offer protection and an aesthetic appeal as well as energy protection when applied to windows. Here is what Tinted Window Film can provide for you.

UV Protection

Exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause harm to your skin, eyes, and belongings. Using window film protects you by blocking the number of UV rays that enter the window without obstructing your vision. Window tinting can reduce your exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays by 99%.

This can prevent UV related injury to your skin and eyes. It reduces that annoying glare that interferes with gazing out of a window, watching television, or using a computer. It can further prevent fading and other damage to electronics, upholstery, furniture, and art.


Prevent prying eyes from invading your privacy with darkened or reflective window tint. This will protect your home or business from unwanted attention. You can protect valuables, clients, and other sensitive elements and information. With San Diego residential window tinting, homes acquire further protection from possible invasion.

You can have the darkness of the tint modified by choosing the best film for your desired level of privacy. You won’t sacrifice your view of the outdoors. The film still allows you to see through the window while blocking the view from outside.

Safety and Security

San Diego commercial window tinting offers safety for your business. It also provides security for your office and home. Whether indirectly or purposely done, windows will break. The shattered glass can be a nuisance to clean and could even cause injury. Window film can keep the glass together if it happens to shatter.

If you have valuables near the window such as your television, computer, purse, or jewelry, the tinted window will keep them safe. Thieves or nosey peepers won’t be able to see what you have inside your home or office and might be deterred from entering.


During the summer months, an estimated 40% of utilities go towards reducing the heat gained through windows. As heat enters through a window, more energy is expended because of the need to cool it.

Window film solves this problem by blocking UV and Infrared rays from entering and preventing the increase of heat. This, in turn, reduces your spending on energy by 33%. It will reduce the heat intake of commercial and residential property by 80%.


Homes and buildings feel more comfortable as the window film blocks the entry of sunlight. This creates a pleasant, cooler environment, especially during the summer months.

You will also reduce your eye strain. As the film reduces glare, you will not have a need to squint or have your vision obstructed by sunlight beaming directly through the window. You can enjoy watching television, using electronics, or driving without the disturbance of sunlight.

Aesthetics and Value

Window film is both functional and decorative. It gives a sleek, finished aesthetic that will enhance the attractiveness of homes or buildings. It requires low maintenance and provides functionality for many years.

Tinted windows can also add value to your home or office. If you’re thinking about selling your property, window tinting provides additional benefits for prospective home buyers. They’d be interested in the energy efficiency, safety and privacy that it has to offer.

Enhance the appearance, comfort and energy savings for your home or office. Contact a Tint Solutions specialist to learn more about Window Tint today!

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